How did you get into Gundam?

 I was going to make a long post about this. And then I realized, I already did a video! I'm gonna make a blog post for fans of reading! lol

In the meanwhile enjoy! And let me know, What series got you into gundam?


  1. My gateway drug into Gunpla was Wing. Ahh the 90's Toonami on every afternoon and exposure to animation types and styles I had never experienced. Wing was Hot, Bandai was pumping models and figures on the American market and all was well with the world. Until SD Gundam started airing and most people went O.O and forgot about Gundam. A couple of years ago though my interest reignighted, Gundam 00 brought me back then I went back and began hunting down shows. Then via youtube reviewers like Prime92, Vegeta8259, and Jabman025 I found the kits again and suppliers there of. Gunpla...I Can't Quit You!

  2. I thought SEED was the downfall of gundam. I remember not being able to find anything. I was lucky to find the red astray!


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