Why I haven't posted in 2 years.

A whole bunch of Gunpla
Hey there Gundamcasters. A few months ago I listed that I would return, this is because I had started watching Gundam Age. I only got up to episode 5 when I decided to stop viewing the show.

I liked it, it had the violence that gundam shows need, but the designs were a put off for me.

I have purchsed 2 Advanced grade gundam model kits. The Age-1 and Wolf's Genoace. It wasn't untill I saw Rrobert184's review of these advance grade kits, that I realized they were worse than the First grade Gundam 00 kits I loved so much.

I'm not a fan of Unicorn or Age, so I have nothing to throw my gundam money at. I have a lot of the kits that you see in the picture above. But most of them I've sold off.

I have a whole bunch of old Gundam related merchandise like SD Gundam Force figures and Bandai america's Gundam figures.

I'll be posting quick reviews. And I will also start watching Gundam Age again. I hope I like it.

Thanks for your support and I'll see ya out there in space!



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