All's Quiet in the Gundam Front

Hello Gundamcasters! It's been a while. A lot of things have happened, more importantly the Gundam 00 movie.

I watched it. And it was very enjoyable. I will review it in the future.

But one of the things the movie did was close the book on the Gundam 00 story. This is both good and bad. Good because it bookends the saga, but bad because I don't see any new releases of Gundam 00 merchandise in the future.

Around this time last year we had the Master Grade GN-X. But now nothing.

I am hoping we at least get son Non Grade 1/100 scale kits of the 4 movie gundams.

Gundam still has a place in my heart but not as big as the one I have now, Marvel Universe!

In my experience I will be back after I complete everything that ther is to collect about the marvel universe figures. But for now I want to point out that if I have anything gundam related to talk about this will be the place.


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