Whaddaya mean the Brave came out today??!!

I was just looking at Rrobbert's new video. He got the very ugly Brave Commander Type from the Gundam 00 Movie. Blearg!

Why do I hate the design? I love Flags and I love the Susanowo, but this abomination takes the worst part of the Susanowo and adds it to the Flag. It's not like getting chocolate in my peanut butter. It's like getting mayonnaise on my peanut butter!

But enough about my design tastes.

Someone asked him "When did it come out?!"

I knew the answer. Thanks to a blog called "Gundam Guy" I knew that the Brave comes out today (yesterday in japan) November 11th.

One of the things that I liked about Ngee's blog was that. The release dates. So I'm gonna take it upon myself to put up release dates for stuff that I want and like.

Let me blow your mind....The master Grade Quanta comes out in Japan on the 18th of November. I usually give 2 weeks for the shipping. And then, that's when I check Image Anime's website. To see if they have an item I want in stock.

Enjoy this new knowledge, it will make you an Innovator!


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