Gundam Exia Repair II: The Build so Far.

I decided to skip the rest of my kits and start building the ones I got at NYCC/NYAF 2010. First up is the Exia Repair. I want to do a tutorial in Spanish with the injection machine since it's only made of one tree. But on with the post...

The first time I did a straight build of the regular kit, and it was cool. You get regular Exia parts except for the GN Strips on the arms. Here's my first review..

Everything in this kit is the same except for the plastic the mold is cast in. The white is pearl white and the other colors are very nice not like my custom metallic Exia as featured in this other video...

The build has been taking me much longer because I'm panel lining the parts and painting the parts that should be grey on the kit. So far I have the weapons built and the upper torso (arms,torso and head). I like the colors, but the pearl white isn't that great to me. I love the gunmetal.

But one problem that came up and was a bit of a pain in the thruster was the fact that since I had the exia parts I clipped off the wrong back torso piece. When I was trying to apply the side sticker, I was frustrated because I didn't know where it was supposed to go.

Until I realized I put the regular exia part instead of the repair part. But live and learn.


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