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Whaddaya mean the Brave came out today??!!

I was just looking at Rrobbert's new video. He got the very ugly Brave Commander Type from the Gundam 00 Movie. Blearg!

Why do I hate the design? I love Flags and I love the Susanowo, but this abomination takes the worst part of the Susanowo and adds it to the Flag. It's not like getting chocolate in my peanut butter. It's like getting mayonnaise on my peanut butter!

But enough about my design tastes.

Someone asked him "When did it come out?!"

I knew the answer. Thanks to a blog called "Gundam Guy" I knew that the Brave comes out today (yesterday in japan) November 11th.

Gundam Exia Repair II: The Build so Far.

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I decided to skip the rest of my kits and start building the ones I got at NYCC/NYAF 2010. First up is the Exia Repair. I want to do a tutorial in Spanish with the injection machine since it's only made of one tree. But on with the post...

The first time I did a straight build of the regular kit, and it was cool. You get regular Exia parts except for the GN Strips on the arms. Here's my first review..

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: The second coming Of Char!

The first dubbed 15 minutes are on Youtube somewhere just have to find it. I like Char Aznable, but I don't like Full Frontal's mullet. Lol. I have come to like the design of the Sinanju and it has some elements of the Sazabi  to it.

I think I've mentioned before that i'm kind of burned out on the Universal Century and while I like the Delta Plus (And that will probably be the next Unicorn master Grade in March) I'm more into the Gundam 00 mindset. It might be that the amount of kits is limited to that universe. And that the line is still fairly new. (Try holding out for some new Turn A gundam Stuff!)

But if I can get the kits cheap (when the newness wears off) I will pick up Kyshatria, Unicorn destroy mode and the Sinanju.
In the mean while enjoy before Youtube pulls it!