New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest 2010 Swag

When I went To New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest I had 2 goals in mind. 1) I wanted to see the Gundam 00 movie and 2)I wanted to get a) Cheap Gunpla, b)TT Hongli Kits or c)exclusive Gundam kits.

I knew Image Anime was there but I have access to their store all the time. And I knew from experience that just because they are at a convention doesn't mean they will lower their prices. That's the idea of the convention to sell outside of their regular customer base.

I walked around the dealer room and all I saw were toys. There was no other place that I noticed selling gunpla...except for the Bandai/Blue Fin booth.

Blue Fin is the official Bandai distributor in the states so I wanted to see what they had. And what they had was good!

Out of the things that I would have gotten had I the money were:
Robot Damashii Strike Freedom for $35.00
EcoGunpla Guntank for $13.00
1/144 Gundam Wing kits for $8.00
1/100 Non Grade 00 Gundam clear version for $70.00
1/144 Gundam Astraea Type-F for $23.00
A 2010 Gunpla book for $15.00

I decided yo get some things I have never tried so I got what you see above:

1/144 Gundam MK-II Ecopla for $13.00. I had seen the regular version at Forbidden Planet for about the same price. I want to keep my Gunpla 00 centric so I didn't get it.
I was told by the vendor that it was all black (which I knew) but it was good that he said so. Some people just don't know their gunpla.  He also said that if I wanted to I could paint it. But since it's the original "Black Gundam" I want to see just how good this gunpla made from recycled gunpla runners are.

1/144 Gundam Exia repair II Metalic Version San Diego Comic Con Exclusive for $15.00. I know Prime92 is an Exia fan, but i got this because of the 00 fan in me. I was not gonna get this kit, because I don't like the design of the Repair II. But I don't have any fancy kits like metallic versions or clear versions so I though this cheap kit was a good start. (Honestly I wish I could find more Gunpla for under $20.00)

1/60 Electromotive Style Injection Machine for $8.00. For some strange reason I always wanted this kit. Just for the fact that it builds a little machine that makes gunpla. Also the kit is an exclusive to the Bandai Hobby Center in Japan. It's a simple kit that consists of one runner, and should be an easy build.

I'm gonna see if I build these 3 kits as soon as possible. Just to see what they're like. And when I get my vendor license I will apply to Blue Fin to be my distributor.

On a side note I bought my nephew a SD Gundam Exia, and when I presented it to him he said "No Thanks." Guess he's not ready for gunpla yet.

He doesn't like Transformers (with the kind of transformations some of the toys have nowadays what 7 year old would?), loves legos and Star Wars. So I guess if he's meant to like gundam he will one day. His day will hopefully build the kit for him. Maybe after it's built we'll see.

And for my final comment.

Image Anime hasn't received the Harute or the Raphael because their stock is being held to be inspected. It seems customs has to check out the "small parts" detail of the model kits. They are on the CSPC's list for 2009. The Seravee Gundam was labled as containing small parts (I don't know if it was the 1/144 or the 1/100) so that sucks.

I'm sure Chinatown already has these kits.

If you're a Gunpla lover like I am, you probably noticed that some kits have 2 white labels on the side. On label says that the kits are for children 15 and up. So I guess Image Anime has to get a distributor that puts those labels on their gunpla.

I know I will.


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