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Gundam 00 Movie DVD Release!

December 25th 2010 is the day the movie comes out on Blue ray and DVD in Japan.

The film is already subtitled, but in my humble opinion I think Bandai wants to Dub it. Of course when mobile Suit gundam was dubbed, I bought the movies like a dummy. Thinking they were also dubbed.

$50.00 down the drain. :(

I heard on Gundamn! that Turn A Gundam will be subtitled only.

So let's see what happens.

Burning Desire to Build!

I bought this SD Exia for my nephew at NYCC. He didn't want it but his mom told him to take it. I was over at their house Sunday the 24th and I took the kit home with me so i could build it for him.

I know it would be tough for him to build it. So I'm gonna do it.

The Sd Exia was the first Exia I built. And I did a horrible job at it. I have been meaning to get another one so when I saw it at NYAF I knew I had to get it. I eventually decided it would be a good started kit for my nephew.

So I really want to build Gunpla! The last kit I built was my Master Grade GN-X and I have been busy with work and dating that I haven't been able to build. But I want to!

Gundam Good News!

Ngee Khiong Chang's blog may be gone but I gots some news from SRW Hotnews!

Looks like we will be getting a whole bunch of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Gundams. I only look forward to the Heavyarms and maybe the Shenlong. We get a high grade future century Nobel Gundam which is cool. I like the femininty of the suit.

HG GM Custom which is my favorite GM ever! But I don't want to get into Universal Century, to much stuff.

A Master Grade GN-X IV which is ugly and I don't care to much for it. I am telling you! The designs from Gundam OO just went from awesome to bad!

New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest 2010 Swag

When I went To New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest I had 2 goals in mind. 1) I wanted to see the Gundam 00 movie and 2)I wanted to get a) Cheap Gunpla, b)TT Hongli Kits or c)exclusive Gundam kits.

Gundam 00 Second Season: Now on Youtube.

In anticipation of the second episode of Gundam Unicorn and the special screening of the Gundam 00 movie, Bandai has made the second season available on youtube. Enjoy!

This season started good, but in my opinion it kinda degraded, I think maybe the story shifted to much on Katahron and Marina Ismail. The inovators were interesting villans, but I also think there were to many "they're gonna die" moments. Like with Ribbons, Marina and I'm sure there are others.

Also Andrei Simirnov is a big jerk in the anime, but in the Manga he's awesome! (Not really but Sergei's death is played differently. (gotta get to that review!)

A Brand New Blog!

Gundam Systems is here just click on the link!