Linkin Park: Good Taste/Bad Taste

The Catalyst will be the theme song for the Gundam Extreme Vs. game. The album will come with a special limited GP-01fb, in Linkin Park colors. Colors that suck!

My username aries0083 comes from the fact that I was born in April, and that I love Gundam 0083. Not because of the story, (which was ok, not great but ok) but because of the mecha designs. Every mech looks awesome. I even like the Val Varo!

But If I had to pick between the GP01 and the FB, I would pick the 01. I don't like the mushroom thrusters or the clown shoes. It also doesn't help that it has breast thrusters.

So they pick some weird ass colors (white and grey) and they pick a ugly design. I would have picked MG Gm Custom.

Now don't get me wrong, I like some of their songs and they have enough fan cred to be on both Transformers movie soundtracks. But Their choice in Gunpla sucks balls.


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