Gundam 00 Movie at NYCC/NYAF!!

Just my gundam luck. That's the day that kids enter free! I'm a kid at heart but what I meant was that I will be going to NYCC, with my bro and his kids.But until I was reading on gundam.wikia the article on the 00 movie I didn't know there would be a US premier.

The movie sounds way more interesting in the wiki, than I thought it would be. It's sounds kinda like "Even Horizon" but with gundams. But I hope the movie ends well.
I have heard that the way you start is usually the way you finish. But that applies to girls. Not to Japanese TV shows.

I really didn't like the second season of Gundam 00 so much. But I don't know if the movie will end the series in a high note. Here's hoping it does. Anyway...

Must SEE! And I'll have to have some gundam kits with me to feel extra excited. :)


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