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Master Grade Quanta?!! Whaaaa?!!

I had guessed that the next MG would be the GN-X. But I guess because the Quanta shares more with the exia then with the 00, so it should have been the logical guess.

But I'm surprised at how quick it's being released. But then again, Bandai probably always knew.
Oh well. I'm sure it will be as easy to get as the Exia. Plus my building experience with the GN-X has been bad. So I'm sure the kit won't be awesome.

Image is from Futaba Imageboard.

The Reason why the Rapahel Gundam comes out next week..

and not this week. It's a totally separate Gundam. Just like with the Nadleh and the Seraphim,I'm sure we'll get a kit later and not with the Rapahel. I bet this is the Michael (jackson) Gundam. Chee He! Image is from the SRW Hotnews site.

Gundam 00 Movie at NYCC/NYAF!!

Just my gundam luck. That's the day that kids enter free! I'm a kid at heart but what I meant was that I will be going to NYCC, with my bro and his kids.But until I was reading on gundam.wikia the article on the 00 movie I didn't know there would be a US premier.

The movie sounds way more interesting in the wiki, than I thought it would be. It's sounds kinda like "Even Horizon" but with gundams. But I hope the movie ends well.
I have heard that the way you start is usually the way you finish. But that applies to girls. Not to Japanese TV shows.

I really didn't like the second season of Gundam 00 so much. But I don't know if the movie will end the series in a high note. Here's hoping it does. Anyway...

Must SEE! And I'll have to have some gundam kits with me to feel extra excited. :)

Linkin Park: Good Taste/Bad Taste

The Catalyst will be the theme song for the Gundam Extreme Vs. game. The album will come with a special limited GP-01fb, in Linkin Park colors. Colors that suck!

My username aries0083 comes from the fact that I was born in April, and that I love Gundam 0083. Not because of the story, (which was ok, not great but ok) but because of the mecha designs. Every mech looks awesome. I even like the Val Varo!

But If I had to pick between the GP01 and the FB, I would pick the 01. I don't like the mushroom thrusters or the clown shoes. It also doesn't help that it has breast thrusters.

So they pick some weird ass colors (white and grey) and they pick a ugly design. I would have picked MG Gm Custom.

Now don't get me wrong, I like some of their songs and they have enough fan cred to be on both Transformers movie soundtracks. But Their choice in Gunpla sucks balls.

While checking my blog, I noticed one of the links on the advertisment blocks I have had a link to the shop mentioned above.

I have never used their services, but some of the prices look good. There is a return address in New York, and their shipping is a bit decent. But I always like to know where a store's base is located. That way I can tell how long ot will take to ship and if their shipping rates could be lower.

If anyone has any experience with this new company i have never heard of before let me know.

New Gundam 00 Subbed Trailer!