Gunpla Builders Beginning G aka Attack Of the Repaints

I'm down for anything that involves Gundam. A few moths back I watch Brave Battle Warriors and while I don't like the Sangokuden line of SD kits, the story was very entertaining.

Later this year we get the Gundam 00 movie and then the Gundam Unicorn movie also. And then there is this Gunpla Builders.

I like the pitch for the story about gunpla building because as much as Bandai tells you you can customize kits for the most part people just do straight builds. After all it wouldn't be what you see in the TV show if it wasn't.

But I saw some pictures on the world famous Ngee Khiong Blog or a black The-O (insert jello pudding pops joke here) and a silver Gelgoog. There is already a black and white Nu Gundam and a wierd F2 Zaku II. but I really like the bear Agguy.

But with alot of things in life you have to try it before you like it. But it's very highly unlikely that I will buy any of these kits. If anything I would get the original kits, but as I mentioned before I'm kinda burned out on the Universal Century.

But I don't know how most people feel about re-paints but I would only pick one up if I didn't have the original.


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