Gundam 00 Master Grade for November?

Image is from mkb1985's Twitpic Album

Hooray! I guess. I learned my lesson from buying the MG GN-X. I thought it would sell out like hotcakes. But because of the whole missing light up drive, it still warms the shelves.

I expect the new MG to be a repaint of the GN-X, because the kits are not postioned in order of release. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was another gundam. But Ngee Khiong's blog had a post for some mods from B-Club for the MG GN-X. B-Club belongs to Bandai so they were already working on the GN-X.

I'm sure it will be the GN-XIII. And if Bandai wants to up the ante, they will add a GN drive and parts to create variants and extra weapons too.

Only time will tell. But I really want a MG Gundam Virtue, I would not be able to resist that temptation.


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