Gundam 00: Harute and Raphael Gundams

While I don't like the name, the design is a sophisticated one. You can already tell that The top half is going to transform into another mobile suit, but i just want to know...will it be pretty or wear a tuxedo?

It's no secret that I love the Gundam Virtue and I like the Seravee Gundam a little bit less. But only time and the animation of the mobile suit in the new movie will tell.

I like the Virtue for it's bulkiness and it's penguin bazooka. The Seravee lacked any of these cool features. I'm thinking that this time the extra robot parts will become outer armor in a twist of the Virtues loosing it's armor.

Ohhhhh, I think I'm right. I haven't been able to spot a head on that armor. And the claws look like they open up.

Out of all the movie mobile suits, I love the design of the Harute. The Arios was my favorite second season mobile suit. And slowly but surely I'm liking the Kyrios.

But the harute is a 2 seater with a missle pack already attached to the mobile suit. And it's guns can become physical GN swords. Nice!

The orange color is another thing that I like also. It makes this mobile suit unique, you don't see that many orange mobile suits in gundam.

The 1/144 scale kit will be the first one I buy and then I'll get the rest. Most of the designs in the movie are off putting. it's a shame because they were so awesome in the first season.

I doubt anyone outside of Japan will be able to see the movie once it comes out. So no biggie, I can wait.


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