Gundam 00: 00 Gundam Condenser Type and Setsuna's death.

I have been seeing images of the 00 Gundam condenser type a lot lately. So I speculate that at the begining of the movie Setsuna will be piloting it and then he will get the Quanta. Also the end of the trailer looks likeSetsuna bites the big one. You know, because everyone is calling his name.

I'm guessing he will do a Neo and get his conciousness stuck in Veda. But lets see what happens.
I doubt the subbers will get the movie, because it will be released in the theatres. So we have to wait until it's out on DVD.

Or you can go to Japan. :)

Edit: Looks like ELS means "Extraterrestrial Livingmetal Shapeshifter" so Aliens are going to be involved. Aliens? Really? Oh Boy. The first Gundam with aliens. :(


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