Dueling Gundams.(Insert deliverance banjo sounds here)

The Blu Duel is the better of the 3 but I belive that it shares the same Duel body with the Assault Shroud version.

I have already done a review of the first grade which is just a plastic brick meant for display only.

But at this point I'm not getting the Blue Duel, or any other SEED 1/144 scale kit because I belive they aren't as good as the Gundam 00 1/144 scale kits.

The good thing though is I have been able to see most kits from this show under $20.00 dollars. In fact i bought the 1/100 Launcher Strike from Image Anime for $22.00 so my nephew can try and build it. I figure big parts are easier to assemble.

But it took me 3 1/2 hours to complete the whole kit. The armor just needed some touching up and the weapons were simple. The only thing that I can point out is that I have to paint some grey on the shoulders. It's not a problem. But I noticed with The Aile Strike that it requires a little more paint than the Duel.

That's why i don't think I'll buy any more SEED kits. SEED Destiny is another thing altogether. :)


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