Aries Customs: My Own take on Gundams.

I went a little Gunpla crazy earlier this year and I started doing something that is kinda a bad habit of mine. I started buying extra kits. The reason being that I wanted a show accurate and Bandai accurate Mobile suit. And then I wanted to customize the new kit that I bought. Spruce it up a bit, add some gold and silver highlights, and then have them on display.

But that was when the place I had my model kits in storage was a bit far from where I live. It was close to my work place. But then they started messing up with my payments.

So I started slow with the 1/144 scale Virtue, but I wanted to get the 1/144 scale gundams from 00 1st season to complete the set. But I haven't gotten the Kyrios. I settled for having the 1/100 scales. But when I couldn't find andother Astraea Type-F to complete the set. (Regular Astraea, Astraea Type-F, Type F2 and Red Exia) I decided to take my Type-F custom and pimp it.

I'm not a big fan of customs that take alot away from a design, like crazy colors or parts that don't fit or belong. But as long as a design stays recognizable I'm cool with it.

So I took some of my old kits and started panel lining them. They look nice but they aren't Aries0083 signatures yet. So please, enjoy my customs when I present them.

Domo arigato!


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