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Gundam 00: 00 Gundam Condenser Type and Setsuna's death.

I have been seeing images of the 00 Gundam condenser type a lot lately. So I speculate that at the begining of the movie Setsuna will be piloting it and then he will get the Quanta. Also the end of the trailer looks likeSetsuna bites the big one. You know, because everyone is calling his name.

I'm guessing he will do a Neo and get his conciousness stuck in Veda. But lets see what happens.
I doubt the subbers will get the movie, because it will be released in the theatres. So we have to wait until it's out on DVD.

Or you can go to Japan. :)

Edit: Looks like ELS means "Extraterrestrial Livingmetal Shapeshifter" so Aliens are going to be involved. Aliens? Really? Oh Boy. The first Gundam with aliens. :(

Gundam 00 Master Grade for November?

Image is from mkb1985's Twitpic Album
Hooray! I guess. I learned my lesson from buying the MG GN-X. I thought it would sell out like hotcakes. But because of the whole missing light up drive, it still warms the shelves.

I expect the new MG to be a repaint of the GN-X, because the kits are not postioned in order of release. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was another gundam. But Ngee Khiong's blog had a post for some mods from B-Club for the MG GN-X. B-Club belongs to Bandai so they were already working on the GN-X.

I'm sure it will be the GN-XIII. And if Bandai wants to up the ante, they will add a GN drive and parts to create variants and extra weapons too.

Only time will tell. But I really want a MG Gundam Virtue, I would not be able to resist that temptation.

Gundam 00: Harute and Raphael Gundams

While I don't like the name, the design is a sophisticated one. You can already tell that The top half is going to transform into another mobile suit, but i just want to know...will it be pretty or wear a tuxedo?

It's no secret that I love the Gundam Virtue and I like the Seravee Gundam a little bit less. But only time and the animation of the mobile suit in the new movie will tell.

I like the Virtue for it's bulkiness and it's penguin bazooka. The Seravee lacked any of these cool features. I'm thinking that this time the extra robot parts will become outer armor in a twist of the Virtues loosing it's armor.

Ohhhhh, I think I'm right. I haven't been able to spot a head on that armor. And the claws look like they open up.

Out of all the movie mobile suits, I love the design of the Harute. The Arios was my favorite second season mobile suit. And slowly but surely I'm liking the Kyrios.

But the harute is a 2 seater with a missle pack already attached to…

Perfect Grade Strike Freedom! Hoorah!

Of course I don't care because I don't buy Perfect Grades. The price is too expensive and the building process is too long. Just ask Rrobbert184 how his 00 gundam is going.

By the way congrats to anyone who guess this. I was expecting a perfect grade Exia.
If I could find it cheap I would prefer the 1/60 scale Strike Freedom Lighting Edition.
I have the 1/60 scale exia, and if I really wanted to I could get the 1/60 Strike Gundam.

So if you want this start saving your money. It seems that lately Bandai has been hiing up their prices for the 30th anniversary of Gunpla. (Thanks, you jerks) So I expect this one to be in the 300.00 dollar range. Like the 00 Gundam.

If you like the Strike Freedom and don't have the master grade, get that. Then buy $200 dollars worth of clothes.

Aries Customs: My Own take on Gundams.

I went a little Gunpla crazy earlier this year and I started doing something that is kinda a bad habit of mine. I started buying extra kits. The reason being that I wanted a show accurate and Bandai accurate Mobile suit. And then I wanted to customize the new kit that I bought. Spruce it up a bit, add some gold and silver highlights, and then have them on display.
But that was when the place I had my model kits in storage was a bit far from where I live. It was close to my work place. But then they started messing up with my payments.

So I started slow with the 1/144 scale Virtue, but I wanted to get the 1/144 scale gundams from 00 1st season to complete the set. But I haven't gotten the Kyrios. I settled for having the 1/100 scales. But when I couldn't find andother Astraea Type-F to complete the set. (Regular Astraea, Astraea Type-F, Type F2 and Red Exia) I decided to take my Type-F custom and pimp it.

I'm not a big fan of customs that take alot away from a design, like cr…

Gunpla Builders Beginning G aka Attack Of the Repaints

I'm down for anything that involves Gundam. A few moths back I watch Brave Battle Warriors and while I don't like the Sangokuden line of SD kits, the story was very entertaining.

Later this year we get the Gundam 00 movie and then the Gundam Unicorn movie also. And then there is this Gunpla Builders.

I like the pitch for the story about gunpla building because as much as Bandai tells you you can customize kits for the most part people just do straight builds. After all it wouldn't be what you see in the TV show if it wasn't.

But I saw some pictures on the world famous Ngee Khiong Blog or a black The-O (insert jello pudding pops joke here) and a silver Gelgoog. There is already a black and white Nu Gundam and a wierd F2 Zaku II. but I really like the bear Agguy.

But with alot of things in life you have to try it before you like it. But it's very highly unlikely that I will buy any of these kits. If anything I would get the original kits, but as I mentioned before I…

Dueling Gundams.(Insert deliverance banjo sounds here)

The Blu Duel is the better of the 3 but I belive that it shares the same Duel body with the Assault Shroud version.

I have already done a review of the first grade which is just a plastic brick meant for display only.

But at this point I'm not getting the Blue Duel, or any other SEED 1/144 scale kit because I belive they aren't as good as the Gundam 00 1/144 scale kits.

The good thing though is I have been able to see most kits from this show under $20.00 dollars. In fact i bought the 1/100 Launcher Strike from Image Anime for $22.00 so my nephew can try and build it. I figure big parts are easier to assemble.

But it took me 3 1/2 hours to complete the whole kit. The armor just needed some touching up and the weapons were simple. The only thing that I can point out is that I have to paint some grey on the shoulders. It's not a problem. But I noticed with The Aile Strike that it requires a little more paint than the Duel.

That's why i don't think I'll buy any mo…