Turn A Turn into the States and North America

Great news for DVD lovers! Not so much for me. But I was just thinking about this today in the shower as I sung Century Colors to myself.

I already saw the series in January on the internet, thanks to the Fandom. And I liked it. With this announcement I think it's the right time to make a "Sound Only" review.

I don't know the details. It's possible they might show it on TV (which would be good) but don't expect a flood of Gundam merchandise into your local Target or Toys R Us.
But it's good to see that Bandai is still pushing for Gundam in the states.

I know I said some time ago that franchises have to be like that, or else they dissapear into the darkness.

M.A.S.K.? Bionic Six? Anyone? Hello? Star Blazers? Saber Rider?

Anywaysthat was the biggest Gundam thing at SDCC. But Bandai knows they still have a foothold in the states becasue they had a little Gundam 00 thing about the movie. But no announcement for that.


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