Real Grade Gundam might be a Real Steal

I'm not a big fan of the 1st Gundam. I consider it plain. In the toy word I think it's the equivalent of Tatooine Luke, all lame and stuff.

I did buy the 1.5 Master grade a while back and I had bought the Guncannon to go with it. But when I started selling on Ebay I sold that sucker like there was no tomorrow.

The bad thing with those who love the 1st gundam is that, Bandai continually makes upgrades. So if you got the Master grade. They come out with the 1.5 and your like. OK! This is the definite one. Then they make the 2.0, and your like gundamnit!

You buy the 30th ann. HGUC and now they come out with this.

But the only thing that peaks my interest is the inner frame. Depending on the PRICE I will buy it. I think it will be in the US$30.00 range, but lets see what happens. If it's more than that, Imma wait till I find it for cheap.


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