Master Grade ReZel: WTF!

If I were in charge of what Master Grades to release, no one would ever see any designs I didn't like.

I understand that the second OVA of Unicorn is coming out at the same time as the release of this kit, but I don't like the design. Give us the Delta Plus! (we will get a HGUC 1/144) But I suppose you can't crank out any more MS from Unicorn. I don't like any of them. The Sinanju is the only decent one that's out.

I hope we get another Gundam 00 kit, that's not a repaint or a retool. GN-XIII is not an option Bandai! I would love to see the Virtue. The can add an inner  frame like the HCM Pro Figure and you could display them both.

Of course it would cost $100.00 like the Ex-S, but I would buy it.


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