Gundam at SDCC! And Real Grade Part 2

I was really surprised to see at a certain blog (you know which one it is) that the Real Grade Gundam will make its debut at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) along with an exclusive 1/100 00 Raiser (I would love to get that cheap) and an exclusive SD Sangokuden kit.

So if any of you live in San Diego and do gundam reviews I would recomend getting your hands on the Real Grade if you were already looking forward to it. And be one of the first guys to review it.

I created the gundamcast to do just that, but I relized that Rrobbert184 has the advantage over me since he lives in Japan. But our advantage over him is that he doesn't review everything.

Also new is that the next real grade is going to be Char's Zaku II. Who knew? It's not like the next thing we would get is a real grade Gundam Exia. I'm kinda miffed at the decision, but I can see the logic. You need a bad guy to go with the good guy.

But seriously I would love to see a real grade Exia. Image Anime has the Real Grade pre-order for $37.00. I hope it is worth every penny because that's a whole lot of cash for something so small. Like a Robot Damashii, or SH Figurarts.


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