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Turn A Turn into the States and North America

Great news for DVD lovers! Not so much for me. But I was just thinking about this today in the shower as I sung Century Colors to myself.

I already saw the series in January on the internet, thanks to the Fandom. And I liked it. With this announcement I think it's the right time to make a "Sound Only" review.

I don't know the details. It's possible they might show it on TV (which would be good) but don't expect a flood of Gundam merchandise into your local Target or Toys R Us.
But it's good to see that Bandai is still pushing for Gundam in the states.

I know I said some time ago that franchises have to be like that, or else they dissapear into the darkness.

M.A.S.K.? Bionic Six? Anyone? Hello? Star Blazers? Saber Rider?

Anywaysthat was the biggest Gundam thing at SDCC. But Bandai knows they still have a foothold in the states becasue they had a little Gundam 00 thing about the movie. But no announcement for that.

Master Grade ReZel: WTF!

If I were in charge of what Master Grades to release, no one would ever see any designs I didn't like.

I understand that the second OVA of Unicorn is coming out at the same time as the release of this kit, but I don't like the design. Give us the Delta Plus! (we will get a HGUC 1/144) But I suppose you can't crank out any more MS from Unicorn. I don't like any of them. The Sinanju is the only decent one that's out.

I hope we get another Gundam 00 kit, that's not a repaint or a retool. GN-XIII is not an option Bandai! I would love to see the Virtue. The can add an inner  frame like the HCM Pro Figure and you could display them both.

Of course it would cost $100.00 like the Ex-S, but I would buy it.

Gundam at SDCC! And Real Grade Part 2

I was really surprised to see at a certain blog (you know which one it is) that the Real Grade Gundam will make its debut at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) along with an exclusive 1/100 00 Raiser (I would love to get that cheap) and an exclusive SD Sangokuden kit.

So if any of you live in San Diego and do gundam reviews I would recomend getting your hands on the Real Grade if you were already looking forward to it. And be one of the first guys to review it.

I created the gundamcast to do just that, but I relized that Rrobbert184 has the advantage over me since he lives in Japan. But our advantage over him is that he doesn't review everything.

Also new is that the next real grade is going to be Char's Zaku II. Who knew? It's not like the next thing we would get is a real grade Gundam Exia. I'm kinda miffed at the decision, but I can see the logic. You need a bad guy to go with the good guy.
But seriously I would love to see a real grade Exia. Image Anime has the Real Grade pr…

Gundam Sadalsuud Type F: My Favorite MS

This is the predeccesor to the Gundam Dynames. And Just like the Astraea is a very cool design. It is also appearing in the manga Gundam 00F where it was stolen by Hixar Fermi. So now it's Fon's main antagonist.

I noticed that after Bandai finished with their Trans-Am gundams from season 2. They started delving into the alternate stories. We got:

1) Gundam 00 Seven Swords
2) Astraea Type-F
3) 1.5 Gundam
4) Avalanche Exia Dash

I want Bandai to make more of these manga/novel mobile suits but as you already know, up next are the 00 Gundam Movie MS's

There is a resin kit of the Plutone out there. And we got the Cherudim Saga and Arios Escalon in Damashii form. But I want this Sadalsuud. I was thinking I could customize a 1/100 dynames. But the head and shoulder parts would be hard to reproduce.

But I won't give up hope. If anything I have that amazing image that I posted.

Serpent Custom: Short but Sweet.

I've been going through my model kits lately and I just finished building the Serpent Custom. This is one of the designs I liked from Endless Waltz. Last December I bought this kit in 1/144 scale. And today It took me 3 hours to build.

It was pretty simple, but there are alot of color issues, something that was comon ith 1/144 scale kits in the 90's. But I just built it and panel lined it. I bought this at Image anime for $16.00 along with the O Raiser, for the same price.

Don't worry I will be putting up reviews soon on my Aries0083 channel. So stay tuned.

HG 1/144 00 Qan[T]: It's so ugly!

I have been loving the Quan[T] for the longest time. It's like the Exia and the Double-Oh had a baby. The circular chest is back (at least with this MS) and I've always liked the blue, white, red and yellow combo.

But after seeing the way the weapon combines with the shield/funnels. I felt like there was fail to be had. What the heck? I can understand the whole funnel as a shield, but that's just plain ugly.

It makes me sad. I think I'm looking forward to the Harute and the Raphael. But I think I'm gonna wait for wait while. Untill after the movie. Faor all of these. There is a thing to be said about watching something in action. And just seeing it on display.

Real Grade Gundam might be a Real Steal

I'm not a big fan of the 1st Gundam. I consider it plain. In the toy word I think it's the equivalent of Tatooine Luke, all lame and stuff.

I did buy the 1.5 Master grade a while back and I had bought the Guncannon to go with it. But when I started selling on Ebay I sold that sucker like there was no tomorrow.

The bad thing with those who love the 1st gundam is that, Bandai continually makes upgrades. So if you got the Master grade. They come out with the 1.5 and your like. OK! This is the definite one. Then they make the 2.0, and your like gundamnit!

You buy the 30th ann. HGUC and now they come out with this.

But the only thing that peaks my interest is the inner frame. Depending on the PRICE I will buy it. I think it will be in the US$30.00 range, but lets see what happens. If it's more than that, Imma wait till I find it for cheap.

Gundam Astraea: My Favorite MS Part 2

I just saw the box art on Ngee Khiong's blog for the 1/144 scale. And boy is it beautiful. There is one thing that I love about Gundam 00 and it's the box art for most of the kits.

Some of them are bland, like the 1/144 Avalanche Exia. Or the 00 Gundam Seven Swords. But whenever the box tells a story like the 1/100 Astraea Type-F. I can see it hanging on my wall.

But as mentioned on a previous post the cost of 1/144 scale kits is closing in on the ptice of 1/100 scale kits and that make me sad. :(