My Favorite MS: Sergei's Tieren Taozi

I found this kit in Chinatown the other day. And It was $20.00 from the usual $28.00 dollar price I have seen it for. 20 dollars seems to be the magic number for me. So the closer a price of a kit is to it, the better value in my eyes.

And now with this new Amazon feature, you can get better value too (Plug, Plug)! I prefer to buy my stuff in brick and mortar stores to save on shipping but if I can find a deal..well then I'll take the plunge.

I like the design of the Taozi, be it pink (girls) or blue (boys) the soda can tab that's part of the head, the boxy chest, the cool rifle (Sergei's) and the articulation make this a excelent kit.

And for old times sake here is my review of the pink one.


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