My Favorite MS: The Overflag

I ordered this from amazon just to try it out. After my fustration with Walter Hobby I decided to Gundam Up! and get this.

I have to say tha this one is a hard find. About a year ago whan I picked up my first Gundam 00 1/100 kit (the Astraea type-F) I saw this kit for $27.00, but never again.

Hobby Wave has it but the idiots won't ship to a Paypal address that isn't confirmed. Their loss.

I like the design of the Overflag. The Flag had cool airplane colors but uneven bunny ears. But the Overflag is the first Ace mobile suit that is black and you know what they say about that. (Good Guys wear it.)

Recently Walter Hobby responded to one of my inquiries, let's see how that goes. They didn't understand the question I was asking. :(


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