The Last Master Grade To The Left.

There are some master grade model kits that I have been eyeing, but I'm not sure if I want to spend the moohlah on them. And because everyone loves lists....

1)Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth: The weapons on this kit are many and I like the shroud idea but being a UC kit after Gundam Unicorn it's a shrimp. Why pay the big bucks (US$60.00) for something the size of a 1/144 kit. Pass!

2)Zeta Gundam 2.0: Back when Zeta was supposed to show up on Cartoon Network I was Zeta CRAZY (Insert Gnarls Barkley song here), but my experience with the 1.0 was so bad, I can't get the taste out of my mouth. I know it comes with a cool base. But the cost (US$60.00 also) and the fact that there is a HD version makes me not be able to choose. It's I pick Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian?! (Psst! Why not choose both?... NO!) Pass!

3)EX-S Gundam: If i could find this monster for cheap and in a brick and mortal store (that's a physical store for those who don't know) I would snatch it up! But the cost (US$110.00 way better value than any fancy Strike Freedom master grade)
And then I would be tempted to get the C1 and the FAZZ (eyyyy! like the Fonz) Mission Accepted!

4)Kampfer: I have the Alex so it nature-al to want this one. But my love for the UC and a one time kit like this one don't make it a priority. It's 55.00 at Image Anime but I don't think it will be going anywhere thanks to the 30th Ann re-release. Only if I find it cheap. And by cheap I mean 35-40 dollars. Pass!

5)Force/Sword Impulse: I really need the Force Impulse so it can stab my Freedom And make Shin look like a nut, and Kira like a self righteous jerk. I have to find this at a cheaper price than the Strike Freedom (US$58.00) to buy it. It's a hard model kit to come by. And since the Sword Impulse was released like last year It's an easy option (I think). But then again it wasn't like in every episode. I like the Anti-Ship swords and like most boys I like Blue (GOO GOO GAA GAA, must be subliminal). Mission Accepted!

6)Guntank: There was a time when I had the MG Guncannon and the Gundam 1.5 but in my early Ebay days I sold them for cheap. If you think my collection is bad now... But in my mind getting it would mean I have to get a Gundam. The 2.0 has an awesome frame, but looks crap and the Ver Ka looks awesome but is like all ver ka kits, crap.Pass!

7)Wing Gundam: If it wasn't for the crapness that will be the Gundam Deathscythe (I have no idea what it will look like in physical form, because all we got was a computer rendering) I would get this. As you may have noticed part of the appeal I have with kits is building teams. And I sure you have this too. And bandai knows this. But I can't mix my ver Ka's with regular kits. Or Endless waltz with TV Series (Just like the chewbacca defense, this does not make sense) So I will pass!

8)Future Gundam 00 kits That Are Not Repaints: From season 1 please! I am so enamored with 00 Season 1 in terms of design and story (mostly design) But Trans-Am is a gimmick and light up GN drives too (when your kit actually has one! Thanks GN-X!) But all I want is the 4 main gundams. And maybe a Tieren and the Throne Drei with conversion parts (but you know that's not gonna happen). Season 2 can suck it! I hear rumors of a MG 00 Raiser, but all that is, is a MS with a jet sticking out of it's back. I like the shoulders but the pointy part on the back looks Wee Todd Ed.

So that's it. No More Musha of 1st Gundam for a while please Bandai!


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