I'm tired of the Universal Century! (Shakes Fist!)

Don't get me wrong I still like it, (Like an old lover who you dumped becasue she kept talking too much) but I'm over it.

When I got into Gundam the latest series in Japan was Turn A Gundam, and I could only get one bootleg VHS tape (GunDamn! I'm old!) and all I saw was 4 episodes. I dived head first into every thing that there was to offer. Gashapon, Hobby Mags, Master Grades and Action figures. If I wanted kisses um.. I mean Gundam I would get it. It was an awesome time (does the whole "Tank" from the matrix spiel) but there was a time that I wondered "When will it end? This flow of merchandise." And it did end in the states. I could have kept up by getting imports, but without the kind of internet we have today I could not watch any series. (Thanks fansubbers)

I guess that's why I like some MS from Destiny (Strike Freedom and Freedom, Force Impulse and Destiny) and from Gundam 00 (1st season except the Enact). Because it's still fresh to me. I have seen Igloo and Sangokuden, Stargazer and Unicorn but no mobile suits satnd out to me in any of those series (except the Delta Plus, because it's a Hyaku Shiki upgrade).

So here's to the Gundam 00 movie. The MS designs suck nut I hope the story is awesome. And if the story sucks then I'll lump it in withe season 2 and make believe they never existed.


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