The God of Death is back again!!!!!

This news was on the Ngeekhiong Blog, but the link to the original source is at the top.

I'm glad we're getting the Deathscythe, but it looks like this will be the Endless waltz version. Or maybe Katoki's re-imagining of it.

We have the 1/100 kit (which I own) but I really want a 1/100 heavyarms. I klnow there is a conversion kit, but I don't want to pay out the Wazoo for a heavyarms.

I have yet to get the Master Grade Wing Gundam. I know it's awesome, but I also know it won't be going anywhere in a long time. Besides I have to build all the other stuff I have.

The sad thisn is that this announcement will most lokely affect the sales of the re-release of the old 1/100 gundam Wing kits.


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