A Fistfull Of Gunpla aka The Price Of Gunpla

I love Gundam 00. And I love Gunpla. But I don't like high prices. I went to Chinatown the other day and noticed that I was suddenly able to find stuff cheap, mostly from 00. (Since it's the newest series I like, because I don't like Unicorn)

I saw the Tieren Taozi for $20.00, the Trans-Am Cherudim for $17.00. The 0 Raiser for $13.00 and the 1/100 Cherudim for $31.00. I found the Cherudim and the 0 Gundam in Forbidden for $15.99 each.

So for me the standard price of Gunpla should be $20.00 and under for HG 1/144 kits and $30.00 and under for 1/100 kits. My ideal master Grade price would be $40.00 and under. But as you all know that is a pipe dream.

I got my first MG at a video game store to the left of the Manhattan Mall, near the Jacks 99 Cent store. And I got it for $25.00.

The cheapest MG I recently bought is the Freedom Gundam and that was $48.00 at Image Anime. Most MG are in the 50-60 dollar range. I got the Strike Freedom in Chinatown for $53.00 while Image Anime Had it for $68.00.

So I guess it might just be a series winding down thing. I can find SEED and Destiny kits for cheap sometimes.

But the new Double-Oh movie kits will be priced around $30.00. The HG Gundam X and God Gundam are in the $30.00 range! I can pick up a 1/100 Astraea Type-F for the same price the 1/144 goes for. IT'S MADDNESS!!

I guess with Gunpla it pays to do 2 things..
A) Wait, and let the prices go down.
b) Shop around.

Here's to lower Gunpla Prices!


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