The Changing World..

In the last few weeks I have seen thinks that make me think of Gundam 00. The first is the BP oil thing. Our President is looking into new energy sources and there is signs of life on Saturn.

President Obama's Speech. (He looks like the first President of the ESF)

Life on Saturn.

I'm kind of happy, but Stephen Hawkings says we shouldn't contact the aliens. It would suck hard!

I can understand the ol Prof. In an anime stand point the Innovators are evil and love making GN Drives (LOL) But seriously. If we as man dominate everything on this planet. Aliens would want to do the same.

And Sci Fi guys might say, but in Star Trek...and Imma cut them off right there and say. Is there anything on this planet that humans have an equal relation ship with?

Yeah I thought so.

But here's to Solar Energy! I want a Flag, so I can shout...HOWARD MASON!!!


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