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Bootlegging The Night Away: SD Force Impulse

I remember the pain of bootlegs. Prime92 makes it look like it's all awesome. Poor quality, yes. Sometinhg to practice painting, yeah you could say that.

But the pain came rushing back to me just like finding out a girlfriend cheated on me.

There is lots of flash. And the pegs are fatter than normal, so to assemble any piece you have to shave away. I'm gonna have to glue a lot. The stickers suck. And I think it's going to take me twice the time it takes me to build a legit Bandai Kit.

Woe is me.

My Favorite MS: The Overflag

I ordered this from amazon just to try it out. After my fustration with Walter Hobby I decided to Gundam Up! and get this.

I have to say tha this one is a hard find. About a year ago whan I picked up my first Gundam 00 1/100 kit (the Astraea type-F) I saw this kit for $27.00, but never again.

Hobby Wave has it but the idiots won't ship to a Paypal address that isn't confirmed. Their loss.

I like the design of the Overflag. The Flag had cool airplane colors but uneven bunny ears. But the Overflag is the first Ace mobile suit that is black and you know what they say about that. (Good Guys wear it.)

Recently Walter Hobby responded to one of my inquiries, let's see how that goes. They didn't understand the question I was asking. :(

The Changing World..

In the last few weeks I have seen thinks that make me think of Gundam 00. The first is the BP oil thing. Our President is looking into new energy sources and there is signs of life on Saturn.

President Obama's Speech. (He looks like the first President of the ESF)

Life on Saturn.

I'm kind of happy, but Stephen Hawkings says we shouldn't contact the aliens. It would suck hard!

I can understand the ol Prof. In an anime stand point the Innovators are evil and love making GN Drives (LOL) But seriously. If we as man dominate everything on this planet. Aliens would want to do the same.

And Sci Fi guys might say, but in Star Trek...and Imma cut them off right there and say. Is there anything on this planet that humans have an equal relation ship with?

Yeah I th…

Double Oh Nothing!

From Drop Box
I finished my last 3 First Grades. Review will be up soon.

A Fistfull Of Gunpla aka The Price Of Gunpla

I love Gundam 00. And I love Gunpla. But I don't like high prices. I went to Chinatown the other day and noticed that I was suddenly able to find stuff cheap, mostly from 00. (Since it's the newest series I like, because I don't like Unicorn)

I saw the Tieren Taozi for $20.00, the Trans-Am Cherudim for $17.00. The 0 Raiser for $13.00 and the 1/100 Cherudim for $31.00. I found the Cherudim and the 0 Gundam in Forbidden for $15.99 each.

So for me the standard price of Gunpla should be $20.00 and under for HG 1/144 kits and $30.00 and under for 1/100 kits. My ideal master Grade price would be $40.00 and under. But as you all know that is a pipe dream.

I got my first MG at a video game store to the left of the Manhattan Mall, near the Jacks 99 Cent store. And I got it for $25.00.

The cheapest MG I recently bought is the Freedom Gundam and that was $48.00 at Image Anime. Most MG are in the 50-60 dollar range. I got the Strike Freedom in Chinatown for $53.00 while Image Anime H…

My Favorite MS: Sergei's Tieren Taozi

I found this kit in Chinatown the other day. And It was $20.00 from the usual $28.00 dollar price I have seen it for. 20 dollars seems to be the magic number for me. So the closer a price of a kit is to it, the better value in my eyes.

And now with this new Amazon feature, you can get better value too (Plug, Plug)! I prefer to buy my stuff in brick and mortar stores to save on shipping but if I can find a deal..well then I'll take the plunge.

I like the design of the Taozi, be it pink (girls) or blue (boys) the soda can tab that's part of the head, the boxy chest, the cool rifle (Sergei's) and the articulation make this a excelent kit.

And for old times sake here is my review of the pink one.

Carry On Kyrios!

I just finished building my 3rd First Grade Kyrios. And I'm in love. I guess the grey gundam marker really makes this guy look like his HG and 1/100 grade counterparts.

With my new camera I Will do A Re-Review. And explain the painting process.

Edit! 06-18-2010 Here's the Review-------V

I'm tired of the Universal Century! (Shakes Fist!)

Don't get me wrong I still like it, (Like an old lover who you dumped becasue she kept talking too much) but I'm over it.

When I got into Gundam the latest series in Japan was Turn A Gundam, and I could only get one bootleg VHS tape (GunDamn! I'm old!) and all I saw was 4 episodes. I dived head first into every thing that there was to offer. Gashapon, Hobby Mags, Master Grades and Action figures. If I wanted kisses um.. I mean Gundam I would get it. It was an awesome time (does the whole "Tank" from the matrix spiel) but there was a time that I wondered "When will it end? This flow of merchandise." And it did end in the states. I could have kept up by getting imports, but without the kind of internet we have today I could not watch any series. (Thanks fansubbers)

I guess that's why I like some MS from Destiny (Strike Freedom and Freedom, Force Impulse and Destiny) and from Gundam 00 (1st season except the Enact). Because it's still fresh to me. I …

The Last Master Grade To The Left.

There are some master grade model kits that I have been eyeing, but I'm not sure if I want to spend the moohlah on them. And because everyone loves lists....

1)Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth: The weapons on this kit are many and I like the shroud idea but being a UC kit after Gundam Unicorn it's a shrimp. Why pay the big bucks (US$60.00) for something the size of a 1/144 kit. Pass!

2)Zeta Gundam 2.0: Back when Zeta was supposed to show up on Cartoon Network I was Zeta CRAZY (Insert Gnarls Barkley song here), but my experience with the 1.0 was so bad, I can't get the taste out of my mouth. I know it comes with a cool base. But the cost (US$60.00 also) and the fact that there is a HD version makes me not be able to choose. It's I pick Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian?! (Psst! Why not choose both?... NO!) Pass!

3)EX-S Gundam: If i could find this monster for cheap and in a brick and mortal store (that's a physical store for those who don't know) I would snatch it u…

The God of Death is back again!!!!!

This news was on the Ngeekhiong Blog, but the link to the original source is at the top.

I'm glad we're getting the Deathscythe, but it looks like this will be the Endless waltz version. Or maybe Katoki's re-imagining of it.

We have the 1/100 kit (which I own) but I really want a 1/100 heavyarms. I klnow there is a conversion kit, but I don't want to pay out the Wazoo for a heavyarms.

I have yet to get the Master Grade Wing Gundam. I know it's awesome, but I also know it won't be going anywhere in a long time. Besides I have to build all the other stuff I have.

The sad thisn is that this announcement will most lokely affect the sales of the re-release of the old 1/100 gundam Wing kits.