I'm kinda Back!

Hey gundamheads, looks like I'm back in business. And WHOOOOOO! What a year. After Lent I kinda went a little crazy for gunpla. That's the great thin. While Hasbro is still planning and scheduling the release of their Transformers and Iron Man stuff. Bandai keeps cranking it out like the beast they are.

Some of the sins I have committed is buying another Astraea, Astraea Type F and another Dynames all in the 1/100 scale. I also got a 1/144 Dynames to go with that.

It seems that The price of Gunpla is going down. At least with older stuff. And for some insane reason if i see something cheap I have to buy it. I can always turn it into profit later.

Some of the things I look forward to are the 00 Movie gundams. I can't wait for the 1/100 scale.

Well I'm off. I will be back soon again. I'm just wondering what Imma gonna do with this blog. Adsense says it makes money, so let's see.


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