Gundams Up the Wazoo!

This is the 3rd time I have found myself in this situation. As you guys may already know it's way easier to buy Gunpla, than it is to build it. Non Grade 1/100 and HG 1/144 kits take an average of 6 hours to build. The MG kits take about 9 hours, and this is without the detailing.

When I built the GN Arms Type E and The Exia. I built them both at the same time and it took double the amount of time. So there was no time saving there.

The way I build my gundams is by following the instructions. But when it comes to the limbs, I build them at the same time. I put the parts seperate from each other (The left leg to the left, the right one to the right) and then start assembling.

I know some modelers prefer to cut all the pieces off and detail them. And then put them together. I can't do that. I would go nuts.

So upcoming builds that IO want to do together are:

Arios, Arios gnh/w and Trans-am Arios.
Gundam Astraea Type F and Regular.
GN Arms Dynames, Trans-Am Dynames and Regular Dynames.
Gundam Thrones Eins,Zwei and Drei.

Prime92 told me not to build kits in this manner. That I would get bored, and I think she's right. But I'll try anyway.


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