Image Anime Store Review

One of the Reasons I built the Gundamcast instead of just adding stuff to my aries0083 channel was to seek out sponsors that sell gundam related stuff.

It has happend before. I know that Sean Long and Review64 have Big Bad Toy Store backing them up. I know that Vangelus had some stuff sent to him by Hobby Link Japan. But in my old age, I know that I cannot dedicate the time that required to be a corporate shill. No offense guys.

One of the companies I wanted to approach was Image Anime in New York City. No pictures are allowed inside, so these videos should give you the "lay of the land"...

I often shop in Chinatown, but when you're looking to by some merchandise and one store doesn't have it. You sometimes have to shop around.

Image Anime has some good prices, many a time I have mentally compared the prices between the stores in Chinatown to this store.

The only negative I can find with the store is the shipping. Only once did I order something shipped to me it was a Transformers Commerative Stepper from Takara. But I remember the shipping being a little high. I think it was $15.00. Priority Mail from New York to New York is about $5.00.

They also go to conventions, so if you see them. Check them out. But as always shop around you might find what your looking for at a better price on another table.

Peace Out!


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