MSA-011 [EXT] Extraordinary Superior Gundam

I learned about this gundam because of a picture of the Gundam Wars book in Animerica's first Gundam Guide. Since then I was on a hunt to find that book and learn the story of Gundam Sentinel.

I did find the book, but to my dismay it was not as awesome as I thoght it was. In fact it was very dated. It did have awesome line art and customs of the mobile suits in the story. But it was not enough to quench my Sentinel thirst.

By 2004 there was a lot of hype surronding Gundam sentinel. We got Master Grades of the Zeta Plus, The FAZZ and then both versions of the Superior Gundam.

You would think that the S Gundam was called the Sentinel Gundam. But no it had a dumb name. And to top it off when it get's upgraded it becomes the Extraordinarly Superior Gundam.

But you have to give it Hajime Katoki the S Gundam has an awesome design. The one thing that confuses me though, I always think og the EX-S Gundam as this massive mobile suit. Like if it was the size of a mobile armor. But it's just alittle bit bigger than your average mobile suit.

When all this kits were being released I was on the verge of leaving the Gundam franchise, and I had no money. I was able to aquire the old EX-S and the HGUC S Gundam. But the coup de gras was the Gundam Fix Figuration Ex-S Gundam!

I had my mind set on the one that had the Gundam System logo on the shoulder and it was GFF #011 which is the same number as the mobile suit. But I was surprised to find out that it was not color accurate.

The figure cost me $60.00 but I didn't display it much. And eventually I sold it to one of my co-workers. But as a final memoire of my gundam love I picked up another one on Halloween.

I went to Image Anime and picked it up off the shelf. I thought it was the last one there but it's still listed in stock on their website.

There was a cute african american girl dressed up for the holiday, and the cashiers made me buy a raffle ticket. I thought it was free, but nope! $5.00. And I didn't even win! I should have tried hitting on the girl, but I was tired and unshaven. And I just wanted to go home.

I opened the package 3 days later. And even though I don't remember what my old Ex-S was like, I will tell you how this new one stands up to your fellow reviewer.

And here are some more pics of the old one I used to own...


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