Master Grade V Gundam and Stuff

Everyone is excited about the PG 00 Gundam and the MG V Gundam. Not me, I can't afford the Perfect Grade 00 Gundam. And if I could that thing has so many parts I would be turned off by the sheer amount of parts.

I still need to get the 0 Raiser for my 1/100 00 Gundam, and the price point for that even turns me off. ($26.00) Add insult to injury the designer versions of the 1/100 Gundams from 00 will be getting light up heads!

The Victory Gundam has never done anything to offend me. But since I got back into Gundam because of Gundam 00. I'm not interested.

I even doubt that as soon as I get all my Gundam 00 mobile suits I will get back into Master Grades. It might be because I had to sell off some master grades I couldn't build which were...Zeta Plus C1,Gelgoog,Gouf,Hyaku Shiki,GM Ground Type,RE-GZ and the Qubeley. And as a beginner on Ebay I sold them for way less than I paid for them.

Another thing, I will be moving soon and I don't think I will be able to do video reviews. Only time will tell. I will have internet though, so I will still have an online presence.

The GundamCast contest is over. I will be tallying the subscribers and matching them to the comments, and then I will make a video with the winner.

Thank you for your support, Daryll Dodge out!


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