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MSA-011 [EXT] Extraordinary Superior Gundam

I learned about this gundam because of a picture of the Gundam Wars book in Animerica's first Gundam Guide. Since then I was on a hunt to find that book and learn the story of Gundam Sentinel.

I did find the book, but to my dismay it was not as awesome as I thoght it was. In fact it was very dated. It did have awesome line art and customs of the mobile suits in the story. But it was not enough to quench my Sentinel thirst.

By 2004 there was a lot of hype surronding Gundam sentinel. We got Master Grades of the Zeta Plus, The FAZZ and then both versions of the Superior Gundam.

You would think that the S Gundam was called the Sentinel Gundam. But no it had a dumb name. And to top it off when it get's upgraded it becomes the Extraordinarly Superior Gundam.

But you have to give it Hajime Katoki the S Gundam has an awesome design. The one thing that confuses me though, I always think og the EX-S Gundam as this massive mobile suit. Like if it was the size of a mobile armor. But it's …

Master Grade V Gundam and Stuff

Everyone is excited about the PG 00 Gundam and the MG V Gundam. Not me, I can't afford the Perfect Grade 00 Gundam. And if I could that thing has so many parts I would be turned off by the sheer amount of parts.

I still need to get the 0 Raiser for my 1/100 00 Gundam, and the price point for that even turns me off. ($26.00) Add insult to injury the designer versions of the 1/100 Gundams from 00 will be getting light up heads!

The Victory Gundam has never done anything to offend me. But since I got back into Gundam because of Gundam 00. I'm not interested.

I even doubt that as soon as I get all my Gundam 00 mobile suits I will get back into Master Grades. It might be because I had to sell off some master grades I couldn't build which were...Zeta Plus C1,Gelgoog,Gouf,Hyaku Shiki,GM Ground Type,RE-GZ and the Qubeley. And as a beginner on Ebay I sold them for way less than I paid for them.

Another thing, I will be moving soon and I don't think I will be able to do video review…

Group Effort!

I created a group for my gundamcast channel. Enjoy!

GN-005 Gundam Virtue

From Drop Box

The Virtue makes it's appearance in 00 and from the start I'm thinking Physalis. Basically the bulk and color of this gundam stands out to me. And if you have ever seen the line art of this mobile suit it's even more impressive.

I'm not too crazy about the Nadleeh though, I mean it's a feminine suit that can compare to G Gundam's Noble/Nobel Gundam in terms of body type. But I don't like the face. The GN Archer has a better design in terms of head sculpts.

From GundamCast Pics

The fact that this gundam has a bazooka that looks like a penguin is another plus. The GN Fields and the 2 cannons on it's back are also cool in terms of weaponry.