MS Igloo 2: Odessa! Storm of Iron!

Way back when around the time I played Zeonic Front on the Playstation 2, I always thought that it would be awesome to see a gundam show rendered in CGI.

And we did! Around 2004 when I dropped out of loving Gundam, Ms Igloo came on the scene. Now the words Igloo and the One Year War did not gel with me so I said Adios!

But this year I started watching MS Igloo on my vacation and it's pretty good. The guys at MAHQ said that the people look like spazing meat puppets. And it's true. I noticed that the problem with the people is that their eyes are always wide. I guess it's because in anime people have wide expressive eyes. But in this format it doesn't work.

But it's a problem I can oversee.

I was able to watch all the episodes except this one because it had just come out in Japan. But I finally got to see it.

MS Igloo 2 has a scary yet alluring "god of death" in it. And I don't like it, she is creepy looking but I don't think it adds to the story.

In tis episode we have a female protaganist frames for treason and out for revenge with a prototype Guntank. It was a good episode with a slimy commander I wanted to see die.(MAHQ says he was in the other 2 episodes, but I don't remember him.)

There was one thing that I saw coming a mile away. As soon as the commander ordered her not to attack the Zeon vehicle, I knew that the guy she hated was a double agent.
I didn't know how she couldn't see it. But maybe that was the point. She was blinded by rage.

I hope that Sunrise can do more of these in the future, but in other universes. They do it with the Gundam Evolves but the approach to animation and story is different.
Let's see some Gundam 00!!


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