GNY-001 Gundam Astraea

The bunny eared Gundam. The first time I saw this mobile suit was in an issue of Dengeki Hobby. I thought it was a mystical creature I would never find. Because it was part of a gundam sidestory and we rarely see kits of sidestory mobile suits made. But when I found out there was a model kit of it. I knew I had to have it.

There is a conversion kit for the 1/144 scale Exia that came with an issue of Dengeki Hobby (but I was not into gundam back then) so I missed that. I tried to so a little research on the story of 00P, but now it's easily available on the gundam wikia at

Also the fact that this MS is the precursor of the Exia give it bonus points in my opinion. I also like the color white, but I don't like white clothing. Go Figure.

From GundamCast Pics

Only recently did I find this kit at a reasonable price. The Type F kit is easy to be found and if it were and action figure I would call it a peg warmer. The kit I bought did not have the extra Gundam War card in it so I guess that's why it was only $31.00

I picked this one up in Chinatown. And I think it was a great buy. Building it took 2 days but the same amount of hours.(6 hours is my typical build time.) I got some extra Exia pieces like the GN Drive,the head(without a face since it belongs to the astraea.)Skirt armor, the chest circle with the fins and the clear pieces for the arms and legs.

From GundamCast Pics

I like the finished product but when I look at it all I see is a big blue of white and blue. So I guess I will be panel lining this model kit. But that will be after the video review. I always found the positioning of the Bazooka to be strange. It's like wearing your bookbag in the front. It gets in the way.

The rest of the weapons are better. The blade weapon has a strange setup and is not as easy as the Exia's GN Sword. The weapons include a shield, 2 beam sabers and a beam rifle.

As a final note just like with the Type F, I decided to paint the front part of the GN Drive light green. Which is what I have done to all my Season 1 Celestial Being gundams.

From GundamCast Pics

Check Out the video review!------V
Astraea Pics courtesy of DeviantArt Artist Ladav01


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