On Ngeek's blog he has infor about an upcoming 00 Raiser with a GN Sword III. I had bought the Trans-Am version because of the sword. (That and the box was calling me, saying stuff like Buy Me! Buy Me!).

I did want to buy the 00 Raiser with the designer's colors, so that I could have a regular (slightly regular) and a Trans-Am version. But I could not find it in Image Anime or Chinatown.

Eventually I did get a 00 Raiser from Ebay (I thought it was a 1/100 kit) and it needs some work it's previous owner left some flash on it, and it's kind of loose.

Now I don't mind that I have the kit, but I usually get the original colors of a kit (except with the Astrea because the Red Frame was cheaper, but I wanted the white one first).

I have also been eyeing my unbuilt model kits. I soooo want to build them, but I can't for the life of me get the time to build them. I used to take Sundays as Model building days but with the summer heat I have been reluctant to stay indoors. That and working overtime, looking for potential dates on OK Cupid, trying to find a roommate and selling stuff on ebay.

But I will find the time, at least to build the Master Grade Exia. Which tempts me with it's light up GN Drive and silver GN Blades.


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