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GNY-001 Gundam Astraea

The bunny eared Gundam. The first time I saw this mobile suit was in an issue of Dengeki Hobby. I thought it was a mystical creature I would never find. Because it was part of a gundam sidestory and we rarely see kits of sidestory mobile suits made. But when I found out there was a model kit of it. I knew I had to have it.

There is a conversion kit for the 1/144 scale Exia that came with an issue of Dengeki Hobby (but I was not into gundam back then) so I missed that. I tried to so a little research on the story of 00P, but now it's easily available on the gundam wikia at

Also the fact that this MS is the precursor of the Exia give it bonus points in my opinion. I also like the color white, but I don't like white clothing. Go Figure.

From GundamCast Pics

Only recently did I find this kit at a reasonable price. The Type F kit is easy to be found and if it were and action figure I would call it a peg warmer. The kit I bought did not have the extra Gundam War card i…


If you are here by chance of the contest, then my plan worked!

I bought this First Grade a couple of months ago. I knew I wanted to do a contest. My first thought was to have it involve skill. Because anybody can pull a number out of a box. But if you win something by demonstrating a skill, it makes you fell more unique.

But I couldn't think of doing some thing like that. Because if I asked someone to do a stop motion, a mp3 as a title theme for my reviews, a drawing, an anime music video or a video review. It would always involve time and effort.

I'm not saying that lazy people shouldn't win, but you know it always sucks when one person wins all the contests. (Or something like that.)

But I hope you enjoy my blog.

LIGHT THEM UP! if you have them!

The upcoming Pefect Grade 00 Gundam has 2 light up GN that rotate. And I think the head lights up too. These loght up features have always interested me. The first light up model I built was a NCC-1701 Enterprise Refit model. The bad part was the I had messed up the wiring, I put the lights that belong in the front, in the back. And viceversa.

But then Khan showed up and destroyed it.

The next light up model I got was the Master Grade Zeta Gundam. It has a light in the tail of the wave rider mode. But I didn't care much for it.

Then us gundam fans got the Superior Defender figures with light up features, which were pretty good. I especially like the Gundam Deathscythe's light up weapon. And the GP02's light up eyes.

Then I got the Non Grade 00 Gundam, I have to admit before connecting the GN drives to the model kit's shoulder's I had to go out and buy the batteries needed. Whisch was kind of a pain. But I got help from my local mom and pop store and he sent me in the r…

MS Igloo 2: Odessa! Storm of Iron!

Way back when around the time I played Zeonic Front on the Playstation 2, I always thought that it would be awesome to see a gundam show rendered in CGI.

And we did! Around 2004 when I dropped out of loving Gundam, Ms Igloo came on the scene. Now the words Igloo and the One Year War did not gel with me so I said Adios!

But this year I started watching MS Igloo on my vacation and it's pretty good. The guys at MAHQ said that the people look like spazing meat puppets. And it's true. I noticed that the problem with the people is that their eyes are always wide. I guess it's because in anime people have wide expressive eyes. But in this format it doesn't work.

But it's a problem I can oversee.

I was able to watch all the episodes except this one because it had just come out in Japan. But I finally got to see it.

MS Igloo 2 has a scary yet alluring "god of death" in it. And I don't like it, she is creepy looking but I don't think it adds to the story.

In tis …


On Ngeek's blog he has infor about an upcoming 00 Raiser with a GN Sword III. I had bought the Trans-Am version because of the sword. (That and the box was calling me, saying stuff like Buy Me! Buy Me!).

I did want to buy the 00 Raiser with the designer's colors, so that I could have a regular (slightly regular) and a Trans-Am version. But I could not find it in Image Anime or Chinatown.

Eventually I did get a 00 Raiser from Ebay (I thought it was a 1/100 kit) and it needs some work it's previous owner left some flash on it, and it's kind of loose.

Now I don't mind that I have the kit, but I usually get the original colors of a kit (except with the Astrea because the Red Frame was cheaper, but I wanted the white one first).

I have also been eyeing my unbuilt model kits. I soooo want to build them, but I can't for the life of me get the time to build them. I used to take Sundays as Model building days but with the summer heat I have been reluctant to stay indoors. T…