Which Gundam is right for you?

This is a follow up to this video I posted, so if you have not watched the video
I would recommend watching it.

I usually buy model kits of desings I like. Some of the designs I don't like from Gundam 00 are the Arche Gundam, the standard Ahead, the Gadess, the Garazzo and the Gadessa. But I do like the colors on Bring's Garazzo.

But all in all it's a matter of taste. In the past I was drawn to the designs from the Universal Century. There are designs from G Gundam, and Gundam Wing that I also like. But for the most part if I like the design I will get all the incarnations I can get.

What is the madness behind the oversaturation of kits?

I think it stems from the fact that having different scales I can use them in the same picture for dioremas. I had the idea of a fanfic with the 06th MS Team aka The Desert Dogs. I still have the pictures

Another factor is price, the cheaper a kit the more tempting to buy. In fact on my cheap list right now are the Trans-Am Gundams from season one of Gundam 00. Which are about US$20.00 a kit. Which I consider a good price. Granted you can get a deluxe Transformer for that price but the movie figures aren't that cool looking.

There was a time when I was building a whole bunch of Super Deformed gundams in order to make some funny skits. Changing their names around, like Deathscythe into Devon. And so forth.

But as an example of how I consider my purchases..

Right now my shopping is on hold because I still have some kits I have to build. Untill I am done building I won't buy anything unless I really need it. But after I'm done I want to complete the 1/100 kits. I just need the Overflag and the Avalanche Exia. Then I would finish out the 00 1/144 scale buy getting the second season gundams with the extra armor and then I would complete the line with whatever kits remained like Mr. Bushido's ahead and the smultron.

I do have an eye out for the 1/60 scale kits I would love to get the Strike Freedom and the 1/144 Ptolemeios, but I will have to consider that when I have a place I can call home.

So buy what you like and see if you can get it cheap by searching in various places. I hope this helps you in picking what you want. Daryll Dodge Out!


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