State of the Gundam Union.

My life has been a little hectic lately but I still needs me some Gundam Loving.
Forget Godzilla - Tokyo has a new threat towering over it

On the days after buying the Master Grade Gundam Exia, I am faced with the horrible truth. I am sure that it's going to take me more than 6 hours to build this bad boy, and I am supposed to surpress any desire to buy any new kits. Even though I am anticipating getting the High Grade 1/144 Arios Gundam and Cherudim Gundam with that GNHW armor. I was thinking about the Seravee Gundam, but I already bought a built HG from an Ebay seller.


But like a madman (hey, MadMen is popular so I should be with the in crowd) I might put one on display and the other one with the heavy weapons pack in storage.

And then there is the thought of the upcomming 1/100 kits from Celestial Being in season 2. With the designer colors and the fancy stickers. I will be passing on thoses. But you know that sooner of later we will get Trans-Am versions of those 1/144 scale Kits. I's still wondering why they haven't released any Kataron versions of Season 1's enemy suits.

I hope I don't Jinx myself, or anybody else for that matter!


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