Seed Supernova: It's Kawaii and Hilarious!!

I only found out about this series thanks to And I was lucky that Youtube had the episodes up. I only wish there were more. The Japanese have a fun sense of humor.

The first 2 involve the SEED Universe. And are ok. But the last 2 with the SEED Destiny Universe is really funny stuff!

I highly recommend that you watch Gundam Seed and Destiny because you will understand the situations and the characters more. Enjoy!

First Up we get The SEED supernovas. It was kind of sad to see in Gundam SEED that Zaft's ace pilots slowly left the faction (or died as in the case of Nicole)
so I agree with his plight. He was the last one to defect.

The 3 pilots from SEED Destiny always had a tight bond. They went to school together and served on the same ship. So I have no problem with the absence of Athrun. The way Destiny ended was awkward, but the crew of the Minerva was cool until the last few episodes. Which these take place before.


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