Excuse me while I testify! Gundam Projects.

I like to experiment, so some things might be out of whack. On my Youtube channel I have been messing with the settings of my videos, trying to see if I can edit them while at the same time keeping them widescreen, and HQ. For some reason HD videos are choppy on my computers so I really don't care for HD.

The same here with the Blog and the picture sizes. The pictures in the Susanowo supplemental are kinda small, and the picture of Katie Price (OH SO B-U-Tiful) is just right. That Arios Gundam Pic is from Photobucket which had an option for thumbnail size.

I know you guys would rather not have the magic spoiled, but I just wanted to let you guys know. In case something doesn't look just right.

I will also do some reading up on Blogger, and I will try to do a post a day.


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