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Seed Supernova: It's Kawaii and Hilarious!!

I only found out about this series thanks to And I was lucky that Youtube had the episodes up. I only wish there were more. The Japanese have a fun sense of humor.

The first 2 involve the SEED Universe. And are ok. But the last 2 with the SEED Destiny Universe is really funny stuff!

I highly recommend that you watch Gundam Seed and Destiny because you will understand the situations and the characters more. Enjoy!

First Up we get The SEED supernovas. It was kind of sad to see in Gundam SEED that Zaft's ace pilots slowly left the faction (or died as in the case of Nicole)
so I agree with his plight. He was the last one to defect.

The 3 pilots from SEED Destiny always had a tight bond. They went to school together and served on the same ship. So I have no problem with the absence of Athrun. The way Destiny ended was awkward, but the crew of the Minerva was cool until the last few episodes. Which these take place before.

Which Gundam is right for you?

This is a follow up to this video I posted, so if you have not watched the video
I would recommend watching it.

I usually buy model kits of desings I like. Some of the designs I don't like from Gundam 00 are the Arche Gundam, the standard Ahead, the Gadess, the Garazzo and the Gadessa. But I do like the colors on Bring's Garazzo.

But all in all it's a matter of taste. In the past I was drawn to the designs from the Universal Century. There are designs from G Gundam, and Gundam Wing that I also like. But for the most part if I like the design I will get all the incarnations I can get.

What is the madness behind the oversaturation of kits?

I think it stems from the fact that having different scales I can use them in the same picture for dioremas. I had the idea of a fanfic with the 06th MS Team aka The Desert Dogs. I still have the pictures

Another factor is price, the cheaper a kit the more tempting to buy. In fact on my cheap list right now are the Trans-Am Gundams from season o…

Excuse me while I testify! Gundam Projects.

I like to experiment, so some things might be out of whack. On my Youtube channel I have been messing with the settings of my videos, trying to see if I can edit them while at the same time keeping them widescreen, and HQ. For some reason HD videos are choppy on my computers so I really don't care for HD.

The same here with the Blog and the picture sizes. The pictures in the Susanowo supplemental are kinda small, and the picture of Katie Price (OH SO B-U-Tiful) is just right. That Arios Gundam Pic is from Photobucket which had an option for thumbnail size.

I know you guys would rather not have the magic spoiled, but I just wanted to let you guys know. In case something doesn't look just right.

I will also do some reading up on Blogger, and I will try to do a post a day.

The GundamCast's logo

Here are some pictures that I have used as the Logo for the Gundam Cast. The latest one is my all time favorite Gundam model kit. It's the First Grade Gundam Virtue in front of my computer screen. I used Picassa to blur the surroundings of it. The chunky part at the top of the picture is my hand holding the model kit.

From GundamCast

And This..

From Blogger Pictures

This is the Gundam Exia 1/60 scale model kit, but it's not assembled. This is only the torso. One of the best Exia model kits out there, it's a shame it's so expensive.

On my other blog I tried to use a picture as a banner, but the size would differ depending on what resolution the computer monitor would have, and that drove me insane!

State of the Gundam Union.

My life has been a little hectic lately but I still needs me some Gundam Loving.

On the days after buying the Master Grade Gundam Exia, I am faced with the horrible truth. I am sure that it's going to take me more than 6 hours to build this bad boy, and I am supposed to surpress any desire to buy any new kits. Even though I am anticipating getting the High Grade 1/144 Arios Gundam and Cherudim Gundam with that GNHW armor. I was thinking about the Seravee Gundam, but I already bought a built HG from an Ebay seller.

But like a madman (hey, MadMen is popular so I should be with the in crowd) I might put one on display and the other one with the heavy weapons pack in storage.

And then there is the thought of the upcomming 1/100 kits from Celestial Being in season 2. With the designer colors and the fancy stickers. I will be passing on thoses. But you know that sooner of later we will get Trans-Am versions of those 1/144 scale Kits. I's still wondering why they haven't released a…