Susanowo: 1/144 HG Gundam 00 Kit Supplemental Review

First off it's pronounced Susano and it's the Shinto God of the sea and storms. This is the last Mobile Suit piloted by Mr. Bushido aka Graham Aker and is in the traditional Overflag colors of white and black. The First mobile suit he used was the custom Ahead. But that didn't last very long.

Then Mr. Katagiri built him the Marusao which was modeled after the Union of Free Energy and Nations Flag.

As you can already see this unit retained the Ahead's beam blades and The color scheme. When Mr. Bushido confronts Setsuna F. Seiei at the Africa Tower the unit sustains heavy damage thanks to the timely arrival of The Celestial Being units.

So then third times the charm right? Well no. I can see no diference between the Marusao and the Susanowo's performance. The Susanowo has the Tri Enforcer,the Beam Chakram and the new sword which is not beam based.

Then the suit got owned by the Gundam 00 Raiser. Now onto the review...

This is a look at the head of the MS without the front armor. Like I said in my video review I wish that this part could of been cast in translucent orange plastic.

And just to compare the Union homage here is the Union Flag...

And here is the backside of the Susanowo..

I like the design but I very much doubt that I will be putting this kit on display due to the floppiness issues. But If you want to take some pictures of the Susanowo battling the 00 Raiser (Trans-Am or otherwise)You have to get this kit. Inevitably this kit will be re-released as the Murasao with some new weapons.

But I am sure you already have your mind made up.


  1. Did you reliase Susanowo has 5 GN-Drives. Don't believe? Check the art box of it. See the sideskirts spread great amount of GN Particles. Plus Dengeki Hobby Magazine June issue say it too.


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