Mobile Suit Gundam 00:Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Sumeragi is the female captain of the Ptolemaios and Celestial Being's tactical forecaster. In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the character designs of most of the females were kind of curvy. I think Gundam 00 had some of the better character designs of gundam.

I have been thinking of drawing Gundam 00 in more real world representations. I would imagine the characters nationalities according to the locations where they come from. But if you think about Sumeragi Lee Noriega's real name Leesa Kujo, which sounds like Lisa Kudrow. Then They might have been going for a ditsy blonde.

I have also been contemplating buying the Gundam 00 1/400 scale Ptolemaios from some ebay sellers,and a Sumeragi Lee Noriega Gashapon figure either in her sexy gundam 00 season 1 sexy outfit, or in a bikini.

Busty and Cute. This old picture of Katie Price aka Jordan a british model, captures Sumeragi perfectly. From the hairstyle to the bust size. She doesn't look like this anymore and the British (which is part of the Advanced European Union) know her more than I do.

Wizard Magazine used to do stuff like this before. I never agreed with any of their casting calls. But I do admit this is fun.

So what do you guys think. M. Night Shamalan as Setsuna? Macaulay Culkin as Ribbons?


  1. I'd say this was a really good choice, but, PLEASE, not M. Night as Setsuna. He can't act, nor does he look or portray anything even near Setsuna's character. Maybe someone like Johnny Yong Bosch?


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