The Master has arrived! Gundam Exia!

I went to pick up the Master Grade Exia Ignition mode at Imageanime's physical store on Monday. I was one of the coveted few to get it for the premium price of $75.00! As of this writing the gundam kit is 80.00, but the regular price is $90.00.

I had some doubts as to which one I wanted to buy. Regular Gundam or Ignition Gundam? What's the difference? As far as I could tell and what a picture on the internet told me, the Ignition has the reflective silver coating on the GN Blades.

I didn't really care about the Gundam Exia Repair parts. It would be cool to have them, but I doubt I will display the gundam exia repair and the regular gundam Exia. If I did I would give the shiny GN blades and sword to the regular looking gundam Exia and the grey would go to the Gundam Exia Repair.

So I went down to Chinatown first to see if they had it. But they did not. I have to admit one of the shopkeepers wasn't really thrilled to make the sale, he said the would get the Gundam Exia that night, but it would not be on sale till the next day. When I pointed out that they're closed on Tuesday he got upset.

Can't say I blame him. Try being cooped up in a small room for 8 hours a day. But he knows I'm a good customer. I bought the Seravee Gundam and the Arios Gundam from him. A combined purchase that amounted up to $90.00. So he should of reacted better. That's why he lost the sale.

That and he did not know what the prices were for each kit.

So I got the Gundam Exia Ignition Mode, I want to build it but I'm intimidated by the amount of parts of the kit. I also need the batteries for the GN drive.

I want to finish building all my Gundam Kits before I have to move, so here's hoping that I can be as quick as a rabbit! BOING!

So stay tuned!


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